Lunavit Topseller

Enthusiastic fans
Magnetic jewellery has accompanied people for millennia and has lost none of its attraction till today.
For over 20 years, our Lunavit® brand stands for unique jewellery with function. Our pieces of jewellery do not only look beautiful, they also contain high-quality magnets and minerals to enhance your well-being.  To you as a customer, we want to bring a smile to your face with beauty and well-being – that is our goal and our daily motivation. Lunavit®- that means noble design from classic elegant to sporty or trendy in always the same high quality and perfection. Millions of people worldwide swear by the additional power of magnets. Many premium airlines such as Lufthansa, SwissAir, Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines and others offer our magnetic bracelets and wellness accessory in their on-board shops.
Lunavit® Magnetic Bracelets – fascinating natural forces
The Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field, which – without consciously perceiving it - determines our daily life. Already in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and in the old Egypt one knew of the positive characteristics of the magnets and delivered this in numerous healing applications. Lunavit® reinterprets this very old knowledge – exclusive and high-quality designer jewellery for those who do not want to miss the extra power kick of the integrated magnets.
Lunavit® Copper Magnetic Bracelets - the element of life
After iron and zinc, copper is the third most important trace element for the organism. In our exclusive and classic copper magnetic bracelets, we have combined up to five different materials of the highest quality. Main component is pure cold-rolled electrolyte copper. Copper is a so-called essential trace element. Nevertheless, it occurs only in small quantities in the human organism and must be regularly supplied from outside. In our copper bracelets, we have additional incorporated two powerful SmCo magnets, each with 2000 Gauss, two high-quality germanium stones (99,95%) and two tourmaline inserts. We did not reinvent the copper bangle, but optimized it with all our knowledge. An arm caressing that looks just beautiful in combination with other pieces of jewellery and sets unmistakable accents.

Lunavit® braided leather bracelets – for trend-conscious men
Lunavit® bracelets are more than just a fashionable and elegant accessory. They are characterized not only by added value of the magnets, but also by an excellent wearing comfort. For our magnetic leather bracelets, we use the finest cowhide that gently fits around your wrist and feels light and natural. In the timeless stainless steel clasp, alternatively ceramic clasp, we process 2000 Gauss neodymium magnets and high-purity germanium stones. Whether for elegant gentlemen or sporty power types – our leather bracelets represent pure masculinity and are the perfect finish for your favourite look!

Lunavit® Magnetic Bracelets made of ceramic and titanium – with genuine jade
Feeling the power of magnetism on body and soul and look stunning at the same time? No problem with our Lunavit® magnetic bracelets made of ceramic and titanium. Ceramic is a light and scratch-resistant material and is also ideal for allergy sufferer. The secret value is hidden on the inside of the bracelets facing the skin. Over the entire bracelet length, three different inserts alternate: 2000 Gauss strong neodymium magnets, high-purity germanium stones Ge32 and pure green jade stones. For millennia, the jade is said to have special mystical properties. In Asia, jade is also known as the “stone of the sky”. Jade feels pleasantly warm and soft on your skin. Timeless and strikingly beautiful at the same time.
Lunavit® aroma jewellery series – experience jewellery with all your senses
With our new Lunavit® aroma jewellery series, wearing jewellery becomes a completely new and unique experience. Our bracelets and necklaces serve as special fragrance diffusers. On the incorporated or exchangeable felt inserts, you can apply your favourite fragrance or an essential oil in order to emphasize your personality and individuality. A must-have for those who want to convince in an exclusive way while looking just beautiful.