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Magnetic Bracelets by Lunavit®

Since 1994, the German company best-service24 has delighted their customers with exclusive magnetic jewellery of brand Lunavit® in classic and stylish designs, always perfectly combined with functionality and high wearing-comfort. Lunavit® - that means noble design from classic elegant to sporty or trendy in always the same high quality and perfection. Many premium airlines such as Lufthansa, Swiss Air, Singapore Airlines, British Airways and many others, offer Lunavit magnetic bracelets and wellness accessories in their online and board shops.

Lunavit® Magnetic Bracelets Made of Braided Leather

Natural leather combined with pure design gives a sensual experience that appeals to ladies and gentls. Only the finest bovine leather is used in different braid varieties. Neodymium magnets with a magnetic strength of 2000 Gauss and new high-purity germanium inserts Ge32 are worked into the polished or brushed stainless steel clasp. Germanium is also found in nature, for example in ginseng and garlic, a semi-metallic trace element discovered by a German in 1886, hence the name "germanium".

Lunavit® Magnetic Bracelets Made of Ceramic and Titanium With Genuine Jade

The subtle elegance of the delicate, shimmering ceramic elements inspires ladies and gents. Because of using titanium, the band is ultra-light and gives an unmatchable silky and velvety feeling on the skin. These special ceramic bracelets are high-strength, light and scratch-resistant. However, the innovation of the new Lunavit® ceramic series is concealed on the underside of the bracelet. Alternating across the entire length of each link are different inserts: one 2000 Gauss neodymium magnet, one germanium stone Ge32 and - something really exceptional - pure green jade. In ancient China, jade stood for vitality, but also for fellow humanity, beauty, harmony and pride.

Lunavit® Magnetic Copper Bracelets

The exclusive timeless design of Lunavit® copper and magnetic bracelets adorns and protects your wrist. Up to five different materials of highest quality are processed in each of these innovative copper bangles. The main component is, of course, pure cold-rolled electrolyte copper. Two powerful SmCo magnets with a strength of 2000 Gauss each, two pure germanium stones (99.9% pure germaniun) and two tourmaline inserts are also incorporated in the inner side of the bangle. Millions of customers worldwide swear by their magnetic copper bracelets and do not want to miss them anymore. We did not invent the copper bracelet, but we optimised it with all our knowledge. This has made them a familiar sight in the professional and amateur sport scene in recent years. According to iron and zinc, copper is the third most important trace element for the organism. It is involved in the formation of the red blood cells, has an antibacterial effect, stimulates the immune system and prevents inflammation.

Lunavit® Magnetic Silicone Bracelets

Our popular magnetic bracelets made of - naturally allergen-free - silicone with many different wonderful stainless steel centerpieces scores with sporty elegance and the comfortable wearing comfort. You can wear it while showering, swimming and can washed off without problems. The special material mix of carbonated titanium, tourmaline and ceramics ensures the lasting stability of the silicone bands. Two powerful magnets of 2000 Gauss magnetic strength each and a pure germanium insert Ge32 are incorporated in the decorative stainless steel jewellery plate.

Lunavit® Lady Line Magnetic Bracelets for Women

An entirely new interpretation of magnetic jewellery - glamorous and filigree. These four new Lady Line creations reflect the current fashion trends and are produced exclusively from best materials. Sparkling high quality diamond cut zirconias conjure up a luster in the eyes of every jewellery lover. Each Lady Line Bracelet has a practical lobster clasp for a perfect fit and for extra high durability, all connecting parts are laser welded.