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How to measure your wrist for a bracelet

What are the payment options?

We accept the following payment options: prepayment, PayPal Express, PayPal, credit card, invoice, instant bank tansfer. For more information, please see our shipping and payment terms.
How much does my delivery cost and what are the delivery times?
The goods are delivered worldwide. Within Germany we deliver free of charge from an order value of 20 Euro on. Delivery takes place within 2-3 working days. Deviating shipping costs and deadlines for abroad are listed at our shipping and payment terms.

I don't like the article I ordered. What can I do?
You can return an unworn and unused article to us within 14 days. The amount paid by you will be credited to you as soon as possible after receiving and checking the goods. Please read carefully our returns policy.

What can I do if I ordered the wrong size?
At our products you will find a short information on how to find the right size for your wrist. Of course, if you ordered the wrong size, we will exchange the jewellery immediately. Our returns policy explain how to proceed best.
I have no experience with magnetic jewellery. What are the effects?
According to HWG §3 we are not allowed to make any explicit statements about the effect of the magnets. However we can point out that already in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and in ancient Egypt one was convinced of the positive and healing properties of magnetic power. Even then, magnets were used to treat occurring ailments. 

Can magnetic jewellery be worn by everyone, is it safe?
Magnetic products should not be worn by small children or if you have an electric implant fitted such as a pacemaker or if you are pregnant. If you are  in doubt, consult your doctor with regular medical care.
What does it mean when the copper bangle discolours on the skin?
Our bangles made from pure copper (99,9% electrolyte copper) will leave a more or less greenish mark on the wrist. Pure copper oxidizes in the air and may cause stains on the skin. This is a quite natural process and may be influenced by fluctuations of the acid-base balance, this discolouration is a natural reaction of copper and can be easily cleaned off with warm soapy water.
For cleaning our copper bangles we recommend to use very fine steel wool or a jewellery cleaning cloth.
How do I clean my jewellery?
To remove stain and dirt, rinse your ceramic or stainless steel jewellery in lukewarm water and dry with a clean towel. A jewellery cleaning cloth can also be used. it. To clean copper bangles simply use very fine steel wool.
For bracelets made from genuine leather please use a soft lint-free cloth to remove particles of dirt. Don‘t wear leather bracelets while sports activities where you sweat, while sunbathing and swimming, showering or bathing and even not in the sauna.

What to do if you lose the inserts/copper bangle?  
The copper bangle is handmade and so it is unfortunately sometimes possible that when the bangle is adjusted to your wrist the adhesive connection tears and then the inserts loose. A repair kit can be requested for free from us. How do I place the inserts correctly? Remove glue residues and place the inserts with a small drop of superglue.

Correct care and cleaning of leather?
In everyday life, the leather bracelet should be largely protected from moisture. When washing hands, showering or even heavy rain, we recommend to remove the bracelet. The same goes for sweat-producing activities like sports. If you do not wear your bracelet now and then and give it time to breathe, it will make you even more happy.

What to do if the leather bracelet gets wet?
Wet leather can shrink or deform if dried too quickly or at too high temperatures. From our experience we recommend that leather products should always be dried at room temperature.
The circulation of the air is important because leather quickly becomes rancid or mouldy when the air is stagnant. You should also keep this in mind when storing a leather bracelet. If the leather has become dirty or the smell of the material changes after a few months, you can clean it with a carefully moistened, lint-free cotton cloth.