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Our exclusive leather bracelets are made of cowhide - hardly any other leather can be used as well as cowhide. It is the most processed leather in the world, it's strong to feel and grip. Due to its thick and solid structure, this natural product can be used in many ways. Cowhide stands for special durability.

Ceramics are no longer found only in art objects or as pottery in households, but also the jewellery industry has discovered the robust and heat-resistant material for themselves. Ceramic jewellery not only looks good, but also has excellent skin compatibility. The desire for a very special bracelet, which should consist of a non-everyday material, is fulfilled with ceramics. The stone material is ideal for allergy sufferers. Ceramics are scratch-resistant and feels feathery on the skin.

Compared to stainless steel jewellery, titanium is much lighter and therefore provides a perfect wearing comfort. Titanium is nickel-free and thus suitable for allergy sufferers. The jewellery feels ultralight and is extremely heat resistant as well as particularly skin-friendly.

Stainless steel
In our products we use 316l stainless steel. This is very robust and skin-friendly and usually does not trigger allergic reactions. Stainless steel is resistant to scratches and can also be worn in sports or under the shower.

Already 4000 years ago, long before Hippocrates and Paracelsus, the Egyptians knew the disinfectant effect of copper and used copper shavings, mixed with honey (propolis) to heal wounds. Even today, for example, doorknobs are coated in hospitals with copper as one remembers its germ-killing effect again. Copper is the third most important trace element for the organism after iron and zinc.

Jade is one of the most break proof gems in the world more break proof than the diamond. For thousand of years to the present Jade has been said to have special mystical properties in almost all cultures. In Asia, Jade is also known as the "Stone of Heaven" and is closely related to protective dragons. Jade feels pleasantly warm and soft on the skin.

Germanium Ge32
Germanium is a little-known chemical element. It is a semi-metallic trace element discovered by the German scientist Clemens Winkler in the year 1886. Germanium is also found in many plants, such as ginseng and garlic.

Tourmaline is a gemstone and has been known since ancient times. The colour palette of tourmalines ranges from black, yellow and blue to green, rose and red to violet..

Neodymium magnets
Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets in the world. A special alloy of iron, neodymium and boron (NdFEb) makes this incredible power possible. Under normal circumstances, a neodymium magnet retains its magnetic force indefinitely..

Samarium-cobalt magnets (SmCo)
Samarium-cobalt magnets are extremely resistant to demagnetisation. The magnets are very hard and have a high temperature resistance, as well as an excellent corrosion protection feature.

Zirconia stones
Zirconia are special stones that have been artificially created in contrast to minerals and gemstones. The colours of zirconia are almost unlimited, in which white zirconia stones are most commonly used in the manufacture of jewellery.

Agate is a coveted gem from which many works of art and jewellery were already made in ancient times. Hildegard von Bingen has already described the extraordinarily strong radiance of agate: „agate is an excellent stone to bring body, mind and soul back into balance“.

Tiger eye
Tiger eye is a variety of quartz that is golden brown to golden. The tiger eye has been valued for thousands of years as an art and gemstone. Due to its special cut, the stone strongly reminds the pupil of a cat - hence the name „tiger eye“.